Périgord Noir & Paunat

La Renardière is just 1 km  from the beautiful village Paunat. The Perigord Noir is certainly the most attractive region of the Dordogne. The area is relatively small: about 40 to 60 km, in short, a rich environment and all within half hour drive:
Below we give you an impression of what's to do, but if you want to know more: type in Google "Périgord Noir" or "Dordogne" and you will find plenty of links for further information.



 The river "Vézère" and the river "Dordogne" meet in Limeuil at 3 km from La Renardiere. So you can enjoy sitting on the beach, but along the river you will find many more. Go to the Aquarium of Le Bugue (10 km from La Renardière) to discover the underwater life of the Vezere. Above ground there is much to see: many species of trees, birds, plants (wild orchids). Regularly you will find deer, badgers and wild boar around the estate and of course: the fox.



Gastronomy and wine
Everywhere you will find restautants and Bergerac wine regions are less than half an hour. The Bordeaux region begins at a forty-five minutes!
There are numerous restaurants, ranging from simple to have won several Michelin-star. The most famous recipes are made with duck and goose. In particular, the liver, 'foie gras' is a superior delicacy. There are also many dishes with strawberries, walnuts and mushrooms. Do not miss the local garlic soup, Tourrain .. In Paunat for example, you will find the restaurant, Julien, beside the 12th century church. It is also very nice to eat at the night markets in the summer. They are held in nearly every village. The one in Paunat is the best of course and it is within walking distance!


Practical: stores and train
The nearest large town with several large supermarkets, Le Bugue, is approximately 9 km away, there is also a very nice market on Tuesday morning.
In Le Buisson de Cadouin is an SNCF train station from where you can travel to Sarlat, Bergerac, Bordeaux or Perigieux .

wilde orchidee




History and sights
There are many attractions in the Périgord: sturdy ornate castles and palaces, museums, prehistoric sites and theme parks.
The Périgord Noir also has underground attractions: there are many caves. Some have impressive stalactites. Others are decorated by prehistoric man, Lascaux is a wonderful example. The valley of the river Vezere holds the Capital of Prehistory: The village of Les Eysies with the National Museum. To see how life in the Perigord Noir was a century ago, the open-air museum in Le Bugue, Le Village du Bournat, is worth visiting.

Kasteel Beynac

In the Périgord Noir are also many sporting challenges: climbing trees, canoeing on the rivers, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding. The river is used to swim and fish. One can go cycling and walking: for the sometimes steep slopes you need a good physical condition. There are several golf courses. The mountains are used by cavers and parasailers.

he climate of the Périgord Noir is a perfect warm, dry summer and mild winter. The spring is characterized by excessive plant growth and lots of flowers. In autumn, the temperature is usually still nice and the colors and smells are great. For visitors who are not bound to the season: a visit in spring or autumn is strongly recommended.